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Farmers markets for Peckham. There are lots on this site now. It is really worth a browse. Currently it is quite slow finding the markets so wait a few seconds for the list of markets to appear.

Local Food and Drink


butterfly walk, Camberwell, London SE5 8RR, UK – 020 7703 3038

It's not the biggest supermarket around but it has the core essentials and a adequate selection of niche items.Fresh fruit seem to go out of stock rather quickly wand doesn't replenished till the next day. My experience with this Morrisons store has been mostly a good one, however, there have been multiple occasions on self-checkout where staff have treated me like a criminal despite me being a regular customer that even pays for his bags. The computer system on the tills seem to have a problem scanning loose items and will not ask you how many you are buying but automatically charge you for one, regardless of how many you have. Staff seem to think you are deliberately trying to steal. How about upgrading the IT system. The funny thing is they watch you until the error occurs and swoop down on you, rather than coming before you commit an error and telling you there is a problem. There is no hello, or how are you, they come and tell you that you have done it wrong and apparently the correct way to do it is to choose an option on the computer for an item you are not actually buying (seriously!), then another staff member will come and ask to check your receipt. After these experiences I have decided to take my business to Sainbury's and only come to this store when I have no other option. My rating hasn't been harsher because most other members of staff are lovely. Just beware of the loud women at checkouts.

The mixed cranberries and macadamia nuts are great but why do they never have the 'no added sugar' muesli in stock? Also, the loyalty scheme is absolute bobbins. On the whole though, they got the wares to keep me coming back and, crucially, co-op is a couple of minutes further away so doesn't really get a look in.


40F Hanover Park, London SE15 5HS, UK – 020 7732 3518

If this Morrison’s was a boy and the world was high school I would invite it to prom with no hesitation! I’ve been to a fair few Morrison’s in my time but this is by far the best. Bonus points for the cafe!! AND special mention to the lady in the cafe who was honestly one of my favourite people to this day. She was super friendly with grey dreadlocks if anyone wants to congratulate her/ buy her things from her amazon wish list.

One of the best supermarkets I've been to. I think Morrisons is the best out of all the supermarket chains and this store is no exception! They have a really great deli section and salad bar. Great offers and a good selection of products. The cafe is a bonus!


264 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2DL, UK – 020 7703 5116

The guys that work here have a hard job to do the customer diversity in Walworth Riad is huge and it can be very frustrating at times. Credit due this branch is very well run on tje shop floor.

Always have what I want. Easy as it's on my way home after the School run.

BigBarn has a totally brilliant map for London showing all the local food producers. So if you want to know where your food comes from look no further!
The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established 26 years ago when the Smith family returned from India, where for two generations we had been involved with tea. The website contains information about all the different teas and coffees supplied together with regular updates on new additions to the range.
Coffee, tea, chocolates and pretty china and good gift ideas.
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